Press accreditation

Accreditation procedure

In order to work at events organised by Premier Expo, journalists must obtain accreditation. Accreditation entitles journalists to visit the exhibition for free, obtain information materials and press releases, and visit all the events held with the exhibition pavilion, excluding those that require special invitations.

To obtain accreditation for Premier Expo exhibitions, you must undergo accreditation in advance (for each exhibition) and provide the following details: the name of the exhibition, information about the publication, full name and position of journalist(s), contact phone number and e-mail address. Free accreditation does not apply to employees of advertising departments.

Editorial offices can submit applications for the accreditation of journalists, cameramen, photo correspondents and photographers not exceeding the following quotas:

  • Print media, news agencies and radio- not more than two employees
  • TV- not more than three employees.

Accredited journalists are not permitted to carry out promotional activities (distribution, presentation, advertising of their products and/or services) without the consent of the organising committee of Premier Expo. There is a fee for such activities.

Subsequent publication in printed or electronic form, or showing of video materials must be accompanied by a reference to the name of the exhibition and its organiser, Premier Expo.

Journalists must provide the press service of Premier Expo with any published materials (or copies thereof) relating to events organised by Premier Expo. Journalists who, during or after the event, do not report on the exhibition may be denied accreditation in the future, at the discretion of Premier Expo.

To obtain a badge and materials, accredited journalists are required to produce official press identification upon registering at the International Exhibition Centre.

A press centre is available to accredited journalists throughout the exhibition, providing additional information about the event, internet access and office equipment (fax and photocopier). Premier Expo can help arrange interviews with exhibitors in the VIP area or at the exhibitor's stand.

For mass media representatives that during the show of after it did not cover the event. The Premier Expo organising board may refuse accreditation to you.

We are open to communication!

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