28th International Medical Exhibition PUBLIC HEALTH`2019
1-3 October 2019 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC

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International Medical Exhibition "Healthcare 2016": a step towards the future!

From the 4th to the 6th of October, 2016, the Twenty-fifth International Medical Exhibition "Healthcare" was held in Kiev on the territory of the International Exhibition Center on the Left Bank. The organizers of the exhibition were the company "Premier Expo" (Ukraine), ITE Group Plc. (Great Britain), GIMA (Germany). Co-organizer of the exhibition - Ministry of Health of Ukraine, company "Morion" - general information partner.

Official support was provided by the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Health Care, the National Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) of Ukraine, the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. Amosova NAMS of Ukraine, National Medical University named after. Bogomolets, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (NMAPO) them. P. L. Shupika, Institute of Neurosurgery. Academician AP Romodanova NAMS of Ukraine, Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism.

The Healthcare 2016 exhibition has brought together 270 companies from 14 countries, including companies from Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Italy, Cyprus, the Netherlands, the Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Korea, and the USA.

Among the participants of the exhibition are the leaders of the equipment and technology market such as: Medaxim, Intermed, Toshiba Medical Systems, Profimed-Service, Biomed, HEACO, Quantum, Medaparparat, Teleoptic, Kievguma, TREDEX, International Medical Equipement, Imesc, OSD Eastern Europe, Medline, RH, Ukrtelemed, Premium Lenses, Medtechsnab, Apexmed "And many others. Winner Imports Ukraine and ViDi Group companies have presented joint developments in the field of medical vehicles based on the Ford chassis. The highlight of the presentation was the modern C-Class emergency car (reanimobil) based on the new Ford Transit model. With the cars of this model, the manufacturer plans to participate in state and commercial tenders in Ukraine.

Exposition of the exhibition was attended by 8350 doctors and representatives of the meindustry, which is 30% more than last year. Specialists from Zhytomyr, Chernigov, Cherkasy took advantage of the bus shuttle service.

An important indicator of this year's exhibition was its thematic segmentation. This made it easy for visitors to orient themselves in the exhibition space, quickly find the right companies and products that they were interested in, and companies to get the concentration of key customers and partners. The most representative segments of the exhibition were medical equipment, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, digital medicine and medical products.

During the week, 24 scientific and practical events were held on the site of the exhibition center: conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops, discussions, master classes. The theme of the exhibition really impressed with its diversity.

On the first day of the exhibition, the Ukrainian mayors, members of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Club of mayors", directed their activities in search of effective ways of reforming the medical industry on the ground. The heads shared their successful projects: for example, the representatives of Kamenets-Podolsky presented the results of the optimization of medical institutions, and Odessa - the experience of improving the availability and quality of medical care through the city target program "Health", the Lutsk City Council boasted the implementation of targeted cash assistance to preferential categories of citizens for purchase Medicines. Representatives from Uzhgorod and Mariupol gave examples of successful public-private partnerships, and financial calculations on the effectiveness of sharing equipment by public and private clinics from the director of the "MTS Expert" were for many convincing arguments.

The novelty of the International Exhibition "Healthcare 2016" was the platform of innovative technological solutions DIGITAL MED, organized in the form of an open demoson. 18 hours, 37 speakers, 14 startups.

Medlabog medically advocated on medicine, the Ukrainian Association for the Development of Information Technology in Medicine, and the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth - IsfTeH.

DIGITAL MED brings together the best national and foreign representatives of digital technology in medicine: visualization, eHealth development, personalized medicine and telemedicine. The key phrase was: "Without regard to which information systems provide, changing healthcare is unrealistic." The HeartIn representative at the site announced a heart rate bracelet and its FDA certification for medical use. Participants could dispel the myth that Ukrainian doctors are afraid of the Internet. For example, the Facebook page of the Rivne Children's Regional Hospital is a place for open communication, and in Zaporozhye social networks use in the project "Early Diagnosis of Arterial Hypertension."

Each startup, each doctor is able and should solve at least one problem. Therefore, every small step leads us to the new medicine in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Academy of Rehabilitation and Human Health, the Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Medical Center for Neurology and Rehabilitation, and the Department of Health of the KSSA provided an opportunity for physicians, physiotherapists, exercise therapists, rehabilitation specialists to visit the School of Rehabilitation. The event gathered more than 150 listeners.

Leading specialists of the National Medical University named after AA Bogomolets, OSU "All-Ukrainian Union of Ophthalmologists", Kiev Society of Ophthalmologists conducted a scientific-practical seminar "Modern Technologies and Trends in Ophthalmology".

The conference on "Actual problems of neurosurgery and otorhinolaryngology" was jointly held by the Institute of Neurosurgery. Academician APRomodanova of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and the Institute of Otolaryngology. Professor AS Kolomyychenko NAMS of Ukraine.

In the framework of the "Healthcare 2016" exhibition on the occasion of the International Day of the Doctor's celebration on October 6, 2016, a special event for the chief doctors - DAY OF THE MAIN DOCTOR - 2016 took place. The purpose of the event was recognition, evaluation of the work and achievements of outstanding medical managers from all regions of Ukraine. The Organizing Committee has previously conducted a painstaking work on the organization of this event in order to maximally objectively evaluate each candidate candidate for the title of "Chief Doctor of the Year - 2016". According to the official request of the organizing committee to the regional health departments of Ukraine to conduct an internal competition among the chief doctors, one applicant from each oblast was identified. And already the expert commission of the event chose among them the winner, drawing on a detailed study of the submitted characteristics of the applicants. The personal achievements of the chief doctors, their contribution to the development of the medical institution and the region as a whole were taken into account.

Romanchuk Vladimir Romanovich, the chief doctor of the regional clinical oncologic dispensary of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, became the winner of the All-Ukrainian Award and the title "Chief physician of the year - 2016".

It is important to note that "The Day of the Chief Doctor - 2016" brought together more than 230 leading doctors and medical managers of Ukraine in the public and private sectors of healthcare. Participants discussed the state of health for today, listened to several reports within the panel on topical issues encountered in professional activities on a daily basis, namely: the pros and cons of implementing the electronic procurement system in the health sector; Application of electronic document circulation in medical institutions of the public and private sectors, a unified pricing policy for medical services, introduction of insurance medicine in Ukraine.

Undoubtedly, the new format of the scientific and practical program can be considered the holding of the II International multidisciplinary congress "Evidence Week", October 4-6, organized by the Ukrainian Medical Association (UMA). The event covered more than 10 areas of medicine (cardiology, pulmonology, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, neonatology, genetics, infectology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, etc.), 120 speakers were able to share their innovative ideas and developments in the field of medicine.

The Medical Outsourcing Days program provides listeners with tools that allow them to focus on the key process of patient care, and all other processes (such as training, organizing tenders, legal services, labs, marketing) to partners. The event has been a success among visitors, will be held in the future, so as to be able to choose among partners for the implementation of joint projects. The organizers of the event were Health Sciences Studios ProZorro.

Exposition and conference MTEC.Kyiv took place on one platform with the exhibition "Healthcare 2016". This is a powerful event, which brings together several years of health professionals and experts in the tourism industry. MTEC.Kyiv is supported by the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism (UAMT) and the Association of Medical Travel Medicine (ALMT). It was attended by foreign clinics, rehabilitation and health centers, clinics of plastic surgery, centers of aesthetic medicine, health resorts, the Ukrainian sector of health and medical tourism, operators of outbound medical tourism.

Within the limits of the international exhibition and conference of medical tourism MTEC.Kyiv. B2B VIP Hosted Buyers Program and IV International Congress of Medical Tourism took place. It should be noted that the Congress of Medical Tourism consisted of a plenary session and a specialized seminar. The issues of competition in the sphere of global medical tourism, requirements of Ukrainian and foreign patients, as well as prospects of development and possibilities of financing medical business were considered.

So, the exhibition "Healthcare 2016" once again confirmed the status of international and leading. This is an ideal platform for presenting the best achievements of world and domestic medicine. In addition, it is a great communicative tool aimed at enhancing efforts to create promising technologies, new products, and attracting resources for the development of medicine. We are sure that the speakers and guests of the event had the opportunity not only to share their own experiences, but also received a lot of useful information, acquaintances and ideas.

Before meeting at the "Health 2017" exhibition, which will be held from 3 to 5 October!

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